4 Ways To Sell Your Used Ink Cartridges For Quick Cash

You may potentially recycle laptops for cash; hence it is usually advised that you make efforts to earn some money by promoting used ink cartridges. In addition to earning extra funds for operating your printer, promoting used ink cartridges might earn you some extra cash.

Promote Used Ink Cartridges on eBay

eBay seems to be the biggest marketplace to promote old ink cartridges. People are paying from about $3 to $5 for a cartridge. It remains crucial when promoting ink cartridges, independently that you only take one of the best practices which enable successful sales transactions on eBay. To consider, with the instance of used ink cartridges, you might try making sure to view manufacturer and model numbers.

 Also, identify the colors. Patrons might seek clarity on whether the cartridges are blue or a particular color– or others. Then add some clear shots and photos depicting the model's aspect angle.

Refill Them Your self

Some people opt to refill ink cartridges independently, then promote these. Upon checking on eBay for refilled ink cartridges to fill my printer, I found that I could purchase seven of them for $19.99 with free shipping. If I buy these from Walmart, I might pay up to $9 for a box of them. Indeed, refilling ink cartridges independently might take much time. Still, it may be a cost-saving effort, especially when you get access to many empty ink cartridges when you use these from home or through products that you promote for your employer. Once you seek to encourage refilled ink cartridges on eBay, adhere to the helpful eBay promoting tips we mentioned above. Also, make efforts to pack and ship cartridges well.

Promote Them to TonerBuyer.com

TonerBuyer.com is a recycling company selling used ink cartridges that was started in 1984. Their website states that it is a family-owned company that has paid out thousands and thousands of {dollars} for empty ink cartridges of many models, purchasing the used ink cartridges you sell to them. Using the application is easy. You just click the “Promote Us Your Empty Printer Cartridges” button and fill in the net ink cartridge promoting model. You then fill in your details, after which you fill in the models of each type of cartridge you have in the online form. Once you have finished, you press the “Promote Us Your Empties” button on the last page of the website. The company will ship you on a pay-as-you-go basis, based on shipping details.

You will receive your shipping within 21 days after they get your order. Take note that TonerBuyer.com just takes in certain types of empty ink cartridges. Check their website for more information.

Get the Retailer Credit score.

Another option for earning money by selling used ink cartridges is to promote them once more to workplace provision stores. You may potentially check all smaller, local non-chain stores or bigger chain shops to see if they provide you with retailer credit scores for your empty ink cartridges.

Recycling Cartridges

You may sell used ink cartridges and earn money once you have finished using them. Alternately, you find reliable second-hand stores. You might earn quite a lot for empty cartridges by selling your used ink cartridges and recycling them with a legitimate recycling company.