5 Most Common Toner Problems You Can Fix Yourself

Toners are the laser printer’s alternative to ink compared to a regular inkjet printer. Being such a new invention, it can cause headaches, especially when you don’t know how to deal with toners. Many toner issues, however, can be easily fixed once you know the simple tips and tricks. Read on to learn how you can fix the five most common toner problems by yourself.

Low Toner Error

After replacing your toner, you might be met with the unfortunate message of “low toner error”. Sometimes the printer error message may be unreliable. If your toner cartridge is not damaged or broken, you should look towards fixing the printer instead. Use a hard reset to solve this glitch. Follow the instructions from your printer manual so you’ll be able to reset your printer and the error message will be gone.

Faded, Blotchy, or Streaked Printouts

One of the most common problems is when your printer prints out a faded, blotchy, or streaked mess. If you’ve checked that your printer is functioning well and that you’ve used the right paper, the problem may lie in the toner. This typically happens when you haven’t printed any documents in a while, and so your toner needs to be awaked again. Remove your toner and gently tilt it side to side. Make sure not to shake it and avoid touching the toner roll as it might leave fingerprints.

Half-page Printouts

Just when you think the printing is going well, the bottom half of your document is completely blank. There are a couple of possibilities that might have led to this issue. To diagnose what the exact problem is, you should run a test page. You have to first restart both your printer and computer before running a test page. Once you run it, an error message will pop up on your printer telling you the exact problem. If you don’t understand what the message means, you can simply make a quick search online to solve your problem.

Black and White Prints with Color

Despite choosing the black and white option, your printer is somehow printing out colored documents. If that’s the case, you might be experiencing a color leak. This means that your toner needs to be replaced. Remove the leaking toner and clean the printer to remove any trace of colored ink. Replace it with a properly working toner and run a test page to make sure everything is in order.

Gray Printouts

You can adjust your print density setting to control the tones of your printed ink. Increasing it will lead to darker, richer hues while decreasing it causes lighter colors. If you’re not the one choosing to make the prints gray, then the issue is with the photoreceptor. The photoreceptor can wear with use and so getting consistent gray printouts may be a sign to replace your photoreceptor. Make sure to check your print density and adjust it to the right settings before you go ahead and replace your photoreceptor.

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