7 Best Ways To Extend The Lifespan Of Your Ink Cartridges

Getting a “low ink” message earlier than you expected can be frustrating. You want to get the most from your cartridge so you can keep on working the printer and prolong a trip to the cartridge store. Read on to find out more about the best ways to extend the lifespan of ink cartridges!

Think Twice about Warnings

If you get a “low ink message” on your printer or computer, you may not have to change the cartridges immediately. A test shows that most ink cartridges might still hold about 8% to 45% of ink when the low ink message initially appears. Bear in mind that the percentage differs for printer brands. Instead of taking it too seriously, look for definite signs of low ink first, like banded text or light prints.

Avoid Large Fonts

Large fonts and bold text can use up the cartridge pretty quickly. Extend the life of your cartridge by reducing the text size or consider changing to a slimmer font such as Arial or New Courier. For those who are thrifty, you can download Ecofont. It uses 20% less ink by using small white circles within each character.

Proofread Before Printing

You can avoid reprints with some simple proofreading. Get in the habit of checking and proofreading before you print and take some time to scan the document for errors.

Adjust Printer Settings

Your computer comes with preferences that can help to save on ink! If you use Windows, look for the Devices and Printers section in the Control Panel. Then right-click on the printer and select Printing Preferences. Next, you can select one of the recommendations depending on your needs.

Preview Before Printing

Always preview the document before you print it. If you are using Microsoft Word, select “File,” and “Print”. The document will automatically change to preview mode. You can now look at it one last time before you send it for printing.

Fix Streaky Prints

If the prints are streaky, make sure you run a printhead cleaning before changing the cartridges.  The printhead on a cartridge might dry up if the printer has been dormant for some time. By running the cleaning feature, you can free up the dried ink and keep your cartridges running longer.

Save Work Instead of Printing it

Think carefully before you click print. Sometimes you don’t even need a physical copy. Before printing anything, consider saving a copy of your document in the cloud or on your phone. Google Drive is a great storage solution that is easily accessible through an internet connection.

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