Beware Of Toner Buyer Scam Artists!

Falling for toner buyer scams can cost your company a lot of money. Typically, it begins with a questionable phone call to an unsuspecting organization, asking for information that you may consider safe to reveal. However, how can you know whether your toner buyer is trying to scam you? Here is a guide on how to identify the red flags if your toner buyer is genuine or not.

Types of Toner Scams

There are numerous toner scammers that are out attempting to deceive companies of all sizes. As printer supplies must be refilled on a regular basis, toner refills are a prime choice for scammers to find their victims. Even a few years ago, many small businesses and consumers were victims of fraud to numerous enterprises who tricked them into paying for products they never purchased.

Identify The Red Flags

There are numerous clear signals and red flags that can help you identify whether someone is attempting to defraud your company by impersonating you as a toner pirate. One of the signs includes the name that they are associated with. Many times they will attempt to make a fraudulent call to your organization and use a name that is generic or similar sounding to your actual vendor’s name.

These scam artists will also pry information from you by asking about your equipment. You should know that your vendor should already have this information readily available to them. Try asking back about any prices and invoices. Usually, the scammers will avoid responding to such questions and even refuse to identify themselves.

Another behavior that you should also watch out for is the tone of their language. Most times, they will try to exert pressure by threatening, offering a one-time deal, or even a limited timeline. This is because they want you to act fast and feel that you need to get this good deal as soon as possible.

Ways to Avoid Toner Scams

Just having one person responsible for ordering office supplies is a good way to manage the suppliers that the company is liaising with. That person should only buy from one reliable source as this simplifies tracking and expenses spent.

It is also important that you take time to inform and educate your employees about these kinds of scams. Considering all the warning signs, your copier company will never force you to order supplies and should already know the information of the printers you have. If your employees learned how to detect such scams, it would be easier to avoid falling victim to them.

Most importantly, you should never pay for anything that you did not approve of, especially if it is not accompanied by an invoice. If goods that you did not pay for are sent to your company, you can choose to reject receiving them or report them to the relevant authorities.

Whether you are a first-time or seasoned seller, identifying the warning signs of a toner buyer scam will save you time and frustration. Working with just one reliable toner buyer will assist you to avoid falling victim to such scams. If you are still looking for one that can fit your needs, you could consider OEM Connect, which provides good rates and prompt reimbursement for your surplus toners.

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