Five Things To Do With Your Unused Toner Cartridges

If you have unused toner cartridges that are about to expire or not approved for sale, what other options are you left with? Luckily, there are numerous ways to recycle cartridges. Instead of harming the environment, the most environmentally beneficial way to dispose of unused toner or ink cartridges is to recycle them. There are several recycling methods that are straightforward, and we will be going through how to perform each of them in this article.

Recycle Programs by Manufacturers

These distinct programs, developed by the original manufacturers of the cartridges and printers themselves, differ from one another. Many big brands have their own recycling initiatives, which involve collecting unwanted toner cartridges and reusing them in other goods. Usually, the instructions on how to return the products are listed on their website or can be obtained through their customer service chat. While some cover shipping expenses, others offer incentive programs to encourage consumers to make repeat purchases.

Reusing Ink Cartridges

If you have only used your ink cartridge once, it is highly possible you can reuse it. With the proper ink refill, you should be able to give it life again by manually refilling the cartridges. Generally, the ink refill kits should include a syringe, an ink bottle, plastic gloves, a screw tool, and the instructions. However, it is recommended to only do this if you do not mind potentially making a mess since it is easy to spill the ink and damage your printer. Ensure that you follow the instructions as per your cartridge model carefully. Having said that, using this option can actually help you to save some money as you would not need to replace the entire cartridge every time it runs out.

Taking Them to A Recycling Facility

Your toner cartridges can be brought to a nearby recycling center if you are unable to drop them off at an office supply shop that accepts them. With a quick search on the internet, you should be able to locate one very easily. Determine beforehand if they do accept any contributions before visiting them in person to drop off your items.

Contacting A Remanufactured Cartridge Supplier

There might be some organizations in your local community that will take in your toner cartridges to recycle them into new cartridges. These suppliers usually remanufactured these toners and sell them at a discounted rate than the original for others to purchase. You could also potentially get your own remanufactured cartridge after selling your empty ones.

Exchanging Cartridges for Cash

Selling your toner cartridges works best when they are unused and in good condition. You can still earn a profit in broken packaging, but not as much as in new packaging. However, for ink cartridges that have been used, you will not be able to trade them for payment and must be discarded properly. Besides earning money for yourself, you could also fundraise for a good cause – be it your church, school, or even a non-profit organization. Alternatively, you could also check with your local charity if they accept unused toner cartridges for their own printing use.

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