Fixing A Paper Jam In Your Printer

A productive day at work can easily be derailed by a single paper jam. It is one of the most common issues people face in the office. While printer jams are unavoidable, how you handle them defines how devastating the incident truly is. If you are still having trouble clearing a paper jam, it is time to learn how to do it yourself. While hitting the printer is gratifying, it will not help you if you do nothing to prevent it from happening again. Here’s how to fix a paper jam easily without causing any harm to your printer.

Switching The Printer Off

As soon as you notice a problem, the first step you should take is to turn it off. Fairly simple right? This step is necessary to prevent the printer from harming its systems or you as you attempt to repair the machine. Begin by canceling any ongoing print jobs, and then switch off and disconnect the printer. After unplugging the machine, move it if necessary to gain access to the back of the printer.

Identify The Problem

Find out the root cause of the problem by opening the printer’s lid and taking a look inside. You should be able to see where the paper is jammed at.

Paper Removal Process

Firstly, start removing everything from the paper tray before you move to the stuck paper. This helps you to see clearly inside the machine. If the paper becomes caught at the entrance, slowly pull it out one at a time, moving it in the direction your printer prints in. Try to avoid pulling too hard on a trapped sheet of paper. If the paper rips, try spinning the roller to free it up. If you try to force it out with a screwdriver, you may end up causing further harm to the printer.

Remember to examine the machine for any little paper bits that may have been left behind after removing any large sheets. Do not forget to check the paper that was sitting on the tray for any tears. Papers that are not in good condition can be recycled. To ensure that the paper feeds properly into the machine, ensure that the tray is fully pressed into its slot.

Perform A Test Run

After you have removed all of the paper, you should close the lid and switch the printer back on. To ensure that your printer is operational, do a test print and ensure that the ink is visible on the paper.  If there are any remaining bits caught inside, simply repeat the necessary steps to remove them. If the problem continues to persist, you should contact your manufacturer for more assistance.

Tips to Avoid Another Paper Jam

Fixing a paper jam might appear simple, but being cautious will allow you to avoid the situation completely. The majority of the time, paper jams are caused by the same problem: too much paper in the tray. As a result, avoid overfilling it to prevent the paper from jamming in the printer. It is also vital to note that you should never print on several types of paper at the same time.

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