How Do You Reset Your Ink Cartridge Levels?

Is your printer having problems recognizing the ink or toner cartridge you just replaced? That is a tell-tale sign that you will need to perform a reset for your ink cartridge levels. This issue usually happens when swapping an old cartridge with a fresh one. Regrettably, even the most complex and modern printer models can experience ink difficulties. Regardless of printer brand, we will present the most effective tips and methods for resetting an ink cartridge, so that you can continue to enjoy superb printing results.

Ink Levels

The chip that you will need to interact with the ink cartridge, keeps track of the ink levels. However, the data on these chips is extremely unreliable. This is the reason why you will see error messages popping out that you might be out of ink even if the supply is still full. The error will usually show up on the printer’s screen and even cause printing to stop. Regardless of whether you have ink or not, you should switch off the printer before attempting to solve the problem or replace the cartridge.

Resetting Ink Cartridges

Firstly, you will need to find a chip that is a tiny green circuit board at the bottom or front of the printer ink cartridge. Using a strong paper clip, bend it so that one of its legs is extended. With the extended bit, hold down on the reset button for about ten seconds. Sometimes it does not need to be exactly ten seconds depending on the model of the cartridge, but it will not damage it. After that, swap out the ink cartridge in your printer for a new one before monitoring the ink level. For it to be a success, it should tell you that it is 100% filled. 

Electronic Chip Reset

There are some ink cartridges that need to be reset electronically. How can you obtain one? Well, electronic chip resetters are widely available from various third-party vendors. These ink cartridge resetters are available for practically any ink cartridge. This enables you to easily replace and use it in your printer. There are several types of resetters from a USB to a battery-powered device which you can consider.

The Swap Approach

To begin, insert a new cartridge into the printer and do a test print. You do not have to worry if they still retain the data of the previous cartridge. Following that, replace it with the old one and repeat the steps. Printers can actually store the memory of two distinct cartridges. With this approach, we are essentially tricking the printer into dismissing the past data and only recognizing the third, which should be the new cartridge.

Perform A Hard Restart

Instead of resetting the cartridges, you could unplug your printer’s power cord to do a hard reset. To reset your printer, hold down the power button for at least ten seconds. After that, try sending a print test to the printer before allowing it to reconnect. Plug the machine back in and the settings for the ink cartridge should be overridden.

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