How To Print Smarter And Save Ink

Have you ever printed blank pages or stacks of paper that go unnoticed during a meeting? It is no surprise that you can save money by recycling your old or empty toner cartridges. Did you also know that you may potentially save money by being frugal with your ink usage? Here are some of the simplest ways for you to save ink.

Keep The Printer On

Leaving your printer turned on will use less ink. Every time you turn on the printer, a standard maintenance cycle is carried out, utilizing inks in the printer. However, this also means that there is a higher chance that ink residue will be left behind during the maintenance cycle and decrease the quality of the print.

Limiting Graphics

Printing out graphics not only takes up a lot of space on the page in comparison to text, but it also uses a lot of ink. Only five percent of the page would be covered in ink if it was only text. Depending on the size of the graphics, it can substantially reduce the usability of the ink cartridge in a matter of a few pages. If printing the graphics is necessary, consider lowering the size to save ink.

Purchase Remanufactured Cartridges

You could save additional money by buying remanufactured cartridges which are essentially recycled from the original ones. There are many sellers that offer such supplies which you can buy cheaper in bulk.

Opt for Grayscale Printing

You will realize that the black ink often runs low very quickly. In such situations, we recommend you opt to print in grayscale as it can dramatically minimize the usage of black ink. Essentially, grayscale printing uses combinations of black and colorful inks to simulate the color gray. Only a small amount of black is required for this process, lessening the usage of that color and maintaining balance in the cartridge. Grayscale can also be used to showcase important graphics in varying shades of gray without losing key information.

Try Eco Mode

Draft or Eco Mode is a feature found usually on older devices that allows for reduced print quality while consuming less black ink. These ink-saving modes do have the disadvantage of making the text appear much lighter on the page.

Using The Right Fonts

Another excellent approach to saving ink is to pay close attention to the choices of your fonts. The levels of ink used by each font vary. It is important to understand that even default fonts like Arial use 27% more ink than other fonts. Budget and eco-friendly typefaces are a terrific, simple, and cost-free solution to reduce your consumption of toner or ink. Typefaces like Century Gothic and Courier are prime examples that can help to lower the ink usage of your printer. However, it also depends on the final printed product. You will have to factor in the readability of the font if you are looking to construct a big banner for an event. Alternatively, you could always lessen the font size if you are unable to change the font.

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