How To Properly Store Ink Cartridges When Not In Use

Ink cartridges are one of the most commonly used consumables. But, do you have to replace your office’s ink cartridges on a regular basis? Regardless of the cause, whether it’s ink drying out or cartridge breakage, replacing your ink cartridges on a regular basis can add up quickly. It might be really aggravating to discover that the ink cartridges you purchased some time ago are no longer functional since they were not properly preserved when not in use.

Follow these simple procedures to easily store ink cartridges and ensure their long life.

Keeping Ink Cartridges in Dark Places Is Beneficial

Direct sunshine and some artificial light sources can destroy ink and impair its quality, which is visible during printing. Cartridges’ life and durability will be extended if they are stored in a cool, dimly light environment. 

A Cool and Dry Place Is the Best Place to Store!

After you’ve successfully sealed the cartridges, you’ll need to locate a dry, cool place to keep them. This is to prevent them from coming into direct contact with sunlight, which can induce boiling and foaming in the ink. Ink that expands and contracts frequently as a result of storing cartridges in hot and cold environments might harm them over time and lead to leaks in the future. Make sure the area is dry and free of moisture, as dampness and moisture will harm ink.

Store Them in Ziploc Bags

You must maintain your ink cartridges sealed in the packaging bags whenever they are not in use. This will keep them safe from breakage, scratches, leaks, and ink drying. Another important reason to keep these cartridges in packaging is to keep their heads moist so that air does not escape, drying them out and rendering them unusable. Not only that, but the packaging is made to protect the cartridges from direct sunlight, dust, and debris, all of which can harm the ink within. Remember, if you want a great printing experience every time you use your printer, store it in plastic sealed bags to extend its life and maintain the ink texture.

Cartridges Should Be Stored Upright

When not in use, it is always a good idea to keep the ink cartridges upright. Many ink cartridge makers, including HP, Epson, and others, have stated that properly keeping them boosts their durability and prevents ink from drying out too quickly. The simple reason for this advice is that downward-facing cartridges have a tendency to leak, and if you use multi-colored cartridges, the ink from them can mix.

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If you run a commercial firm that involves a lot of printing, it’s critical to maintain ink cartridges properly to avoid ink damage. You can ensure that the ink lasts a long time and is easily available whenever you need it for printing by following these quick, simple, and straightforward storage guidelines. It is best to use and preserve ink cartridges with prudence rather than becoming frustrated when they do not print effectively.

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