Is Your Toner Cartridge Leaking?

Many laser printer users’ worst nightmare is a leaking printer toner cartridge. A powdery mess within the printer, a soiled piece of clothing, or streaked printouts are all signs of leaking/streaking toner.

Your toner cartridge will need to be repaired or replaced if it is leaking or has leaked within the machine. Let’s look at why it’s spilling solution in the first place.

Recovery Blade May Be Damaged

Recovery blades are little plastic blades that direct toner residue onto rollers. If the recovery blade is damaged, your printouts will have random dots all over them. The process is known as ‘flicking toner.’ When a recovery blade is damaged, toner continues to build up on top of it. Excess toner builds up over time, making it appear as if the toner cartridge is leaking. To resolve the problem, you must have the recovery blade replaced or repaired.

Your Drum Unit Could Be the Culprit

A damaged drum unit might cause toner leaking inside the printer or vertical streaks on prints. It’s also possible that the drum unit in your laser printer has reached the end of its usable life. You’ll need to acquire the appropriate replacement depending on whether your printer uses a separate or integrated drum unit with a toner cartridge. If you find toner leaking in an old laserjet with a recently inserted toner cartridge, a separate drum unit is more likely to be the cause. It’s possible that this is an indication that your drum unit needs to be changed. Drum failures can also be identified by consistently spaced stains, dots that appear evenly down the page, or lines of toner across printouts.

Leakage Problems with Refilled Toner Cartridges

Toner cartridges can be refilled at home or at a local office supply store. However, it is not a good idea to refill ink or toner cartridges. Refilled cartridges do not fit correctly in laser printers and are prone to leakage. You risk harming the blade, fuser, photoconductor, or other components during refilling. There are better ways to save money on toner cartridge replacements.

Damaged Toner Cartridges Can Experience Leakage Problems

Toner cartridges are made up of many moving parts. To ensure that your cartridge operates as expected, all of these microscopic components must work together. If one or more of these moving elements fails, toner leakage inside the printer is a possibility. Toner cartridges might also be damaged in transit or as a result of a fall. Toner can spill out of a broken cartridge, resulting in streaky prints. If any part of your toner cartridge, including the photoconductor, is visibly damaged, it must be replaced.

Invest in Quality Printer Supplies at OEM Connect

Toner powder that is too loose might harm your laser printer in a variety of ways. As a result, removing excess toner and replacing or repairing a leaking or streaking toner cartridge as soon as possible is critical. It’s a standard procedure for laser printer maintenance. To address toner leakage, you may also need to change other components as detailed above.

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