Key Considerations When Buying A Printer

You might be unsure of which printer to buy due to the abundance of choice. Looking for the proper variables to consider when purchasing a printer to meet relevant needs will help you make the best decision. Beginners, on the other hand, may struggle to understand what are the most crucial elements to consider. You should learn what to look for in a wireless printer before getting one. Having all of the facts will assist you in making the best decision. The following are the most important elements to consider when buying a printer.

Monochrome vs. Color

You can purchase either a monochrome or a color printer, depending on the type of print output you require. People make the mistake of buying a monochrome printer instead of a color printer and then complain about it. A printer should be chosen with caution. 

Media Handling

It’s also crucial to understand different paper types and whether or not your printer supports a specific paper size or type. It will assist you in avoiding making a poor decision. Many times, I’ve seen folks leave nasty reviews for a printer after purchasing the incorrect printer in the first place. Envelope printing and CD or DVD labeling are not available on all printers. You should carefully consider whether or not the printer you’ve chosen is capable of completing the task at hand.

Needed Functions

The majority of printers nowadays are all-in-one. It means that in addition to printing, they can also copy and scan. Some printers can also send and receive faxes. As a result, you should investigate what your company’s primary requirements are. Purchase a printer that can print, scan, copy, and fax if necessary.

Printer Size

Another crucial factor to consider when purchasing a printing machine is the printer’s size. If you work in a small business, a tiny printer is an excellent choice. You don’t have to sacrifice features just because you have a little printer. Always seek the most advantageous choice.

Duplex Printing

Duplex printers provide a faster and more efficient printing experience. If you or your business only needs basic printing, you may not need to explore this choice. However, if you have complex planned assignments like brochures or booklets, a printer with this feature would be a better alternative.


A printer’s resolution is another factor that should be considered carefully. The reason for this is that a printer’s resolution determines how vibrant, clear, and sharp the printed images will be. Dots per Inch, or ‘DPI,’ is a measurement of a printer’s resolution. A higher DPI value indicates higher print quality, which is exactly what you want. It is strongly advised that you purchase a printer with a resolution of at least 12000 DPI.

Trust OEM Connect for Your Printer Supply Needs

Purchasing a printer is a critical decision that will have a significant impact on your productivity. That is why you should always buy a printer that is capable of meeting all of your printing requirements. Finding the best one, on the other hand, is a time-consuming and difficult endeavor.

The OEM Connect Team is here to assist you with any printer supply needs. Since 2001, our company has focused on the wholesale distribution of toner, ink, and supplies.

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