OEM Connect is not a direct dealer for Dell. However, we are happy to provide buy and sell overstock items from this brand that we receive from various sources.

Founded in 2001, OEM Connect is now considered one of the most distinguished distributors, resellers, and wholesalers of ink, toner and printing supplies in the industry. In just over 20 years, the company has grown from two employees to 30, which is an impeccable feat. Consumers would first notice the incredibly competitive prices of our products, and this is achieved through purchasing any excess, surplus or liquidation of authentic inventory. From HP to Samsung, we pride ourselves in only offering prominent brands in the industry.

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As OEM Connect is employee-owned (ESOP), customer service is of utmost importance to us. We always strive to meet all our customers’ needs and expectations through personalized consultations. Our team of dedicated employees can be reached by filling up the Contact Us form.

About Dell

No introduction is necessary when it comes to Dell. This brand has been around since 1984 and was established by Michael S. Dell in Austin, Texas. Despite all the competition that has arisen, Dell stays strong among its loyal customers for its extremely reliable laptops, as well as easy-to-manage monitors, printers, projectors, and other electronic products. Today, the company still pushes ahead in innovations in supply chain management and electronic e-commerce industries. Truth be told, Dell is one of the few brands that is well-experienced in many fields, including communication, web technology, e-business, and the internet. In addition, their products are also reasonably priced, considering their durability, reliability, and good reputation. Many people have also commended their customer service over the years.

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Why Should You Work With OEM Connect?

Whether it’s OEM toner, ink or generic printing equipment, you can find it here at OEM Connect. In addition, all our products are priced below their individual market values, so you’ll be in for a good deal. As we specialize in dealing with superstore liquidations, you may not find some products anywhere else in the market.

Despite the unbelievably low prices, we do not compromise on quality and authenticity. All the products offered are of the highest standards as they are OEM products and not remanufactured. What’s great about OEM products is that they are more beneficial for your other machinery and have a longer shelf life due to them being stored in an air-conditioned facility.

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Aside from OEM products, OEM Connect also provides end-of-life products and rare brands not offered elsewhere

If you’re planning to purchase from these brands and cannot find their products in other resellers or distributors, OEM Connect is the place to go to. Additionally, we engage with localized courier and international shipping services, so we can cater to every customer’s shipping requests.

If you have any questions about OEM Connect’s services, feel free to contact us today.