Page Yield Explained: What It Is & Why It Matters

If you have come across the words “page yield” and are unsure of what the term means, you are not alone. Page yield refers to the estimated amount of pages that you can produce with just one cartridge. If you want to get your cartridge to last longer, be sure to print out only important documents as the life of cartridges depends on what you print. To understand the full explanation of page yield, continue reading our article to find out more about all that you need to know and why it matters.

How to Determine the Number of Pages?

To determine the number of pages your cartridge can yield, certain factors should be taken into consideration:

  • Print Quality: If you constantly print documents in high quality, the cartridge of the ink or toner might deplete quicker than you expect. However, if your documents are often in draft mode, you might save more ink than you think.
  • Size/Length of Content: What is the size and length of the document you are printing? Do you print large pictures often? If you do so, it might cause your cartridge to run up more quickly.
  • Content: If you print more documents in black and white ink, you would run out of black ink faster than you think. However, if you print pictures in colored ink, you would run out of colored ink quicker than you expect.

What Are the Various Cartridge Page Yields?

The sizes of cartridges vary, causing their page yields to differ too. If you want your page yield to last longer, you might want to opt for high-yield cartridges, which produce more pages than normal cartridges. Here are some examples of cartridge models:

  • HP906XL: This cartridge has a page yield of 1,500 pages.
  • HP902XL: This high-yield cartridge can produce about 825 pages.
  • HP902: This standard-sized cartridge can produce 300 pages.

Should You Use a High-Yield Cartridge or a Standard Cartridge?

To know which suits your printer the best, be sure to know if you have a laser or an inkjet printer. If you are not an avid printer user, you might want to consider getting a standard-sized ink cartridge. However, if you utilize your printer frequently, try opting for a high-yield cartridge since it is the most value-for-money option and it reduces the number of times you would have to spend your cents replacing a cartridge.

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