Steps To Cleaning A Laser Printer

To ensure that your printing runs smoothly, cleaning your laser printer should be conducted from time to time. Laser printers print with toner cartridges, which can cause a mess in the different components with its black powder. They are easy to clean on your own with the help of some specialist tools and equipment listed in this guide.

However, many of the components are delicate parts that you cannot touch with your fingers. Damaging them during cleaning could void your warranty with your manufacturer. If you feel uncertain about handling the internal parts, it is recommended that you contact a professional technician to complete the cleaning for you.

Materials Required

It will be handy to have these materials ready and prepared to ensure a smooth cleaning process while eradicating any fine particles. You will need:

  • Protective Gloves: The powdered toner can cause irritation to your skin.
  • Dust Mask: The powdered toner can cause irritation if you inhale it, even though it is not dangerous.
  • Activated Toner Cloth: Activated toner cloth has a non-oily coating that is effective in trapping particles.
  • Isopropyl Alcohol: Isopropyl alcohol is effective in cleaning mechanical equipment due to its quick evaporation. It is otherwise known as rubbing alcohol.
  • Aerosol Spray Duster: Aerosol spray duster is effective in cleaning hard-to-reach components and helps to blow the fine toner particles away.
  • Toner Vacuum (Optional): Toner vacuum is a hand-held device that is designed specially to remove toner from the internal components of a laser printer. It can be costly but is not mandatory in your cleaning process.

Steps to Clean Laser Printer

  • Step 1: Power Off Printer and Cool Down

Power off your printer and plug it out from its power supply. It is important to give the printer some time to cool before we open it up as it can get extremely hot after being switched on for some time.

  • Step 2: Remove and Clean the Cartridge

Opt for toner cartridges from authentic brand manufacturers that suit your laser printer to minimize printing problems and long-term damage.

Put on your protective gloves and a dust mask before you proceed with the cleaning. Ensure that the windows are open for ventilation to minimize inhaling of toner particles. After the printer has cooled, open the front or back of the printer and remove the toner cartridge. Use the toner cloth to wipe the surfaces of the cartridge to remove excess toner. Place the cartridge on a second toner cloth to prevent staining.

  • Step 3: Remove Excess Toner

After cleaning the toner cartridge, use a new piece of toner cloth or toner vacuum to clean the excess toner off the internal surfaces of the printer. The internal components of the laser printer is fragile and can be dangerous to handle. If you are not familiar with the components, you should speak to a trained professional about cleaning the electrical areas of the printer.

  • Step 4: Clean Surfaces with Isopropyl Alcohol

Damp a cotton swab with isopropyl alcohol and gently wipe the electrical areas inside the printer, such as cables and wires. The isopropyl alcohol removes debris and dirt and sterilizes the area while drying quickly, leaving no residue. Be extra careful when dealing with the electrical components as they are delicate.

  • Step 5: Reassemble

After completing the clean, reinsert the toner cartridge and bottle. You may refer to the user manual for detailed instructions on how you can reassemble the parts that you have removed. Ensure that you have inserted the toner cartridge correctly before performing test prints or cartridge realignment checks.

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