Professional printers use expensive, high-quality print supplies to produce the best possible results when they print. Using fake or inferior print supplies can seriously hurt your business in the long run.

But what are fake print supplies? What makes them so dangerous to use, and how can you spot them? This article will answer all of your questions about fake print supplies and why they should be avoided at all costs.

Buying Cheap Papers Leads to Bad Results

Your documents don’t look professional, and you end up with a bad reputation. But it’s not only about looks: fake print supplies are often of lower quality, which makes them more prone to breakage, tearing, or smudging. If your papers have a jagged edge or are too thin, they might tear in half right in front of a customer. This means people will see your brand as unprofessional and uncaring. Instead of risking that image, go for real print supplies every time: they’re more expensive but also much better quality than their counterfeit counterparts and worth every cent.

Not All Fake Print Supplies Are Fake

It can be tempting to go with a cheap option when looking for print supplies. There are many reasons why you might think it’s worthwhile to buy used or get fakes. However, you need to ask yourself your ultimate goal: Does it cost? Or are you trying to make a statement about quality and professionalism? Your message must be clear, which means making sure that everything on your business card looks legitimate. If you’re going for casual, then, by all means, buy used. But if you want people to take you seriously in business affairs, make sure everything is genuine, so there are no questions as to how much professional support your company offers.

The Health Risks of Buying Fake Printer Supplies

The risks of using fake print supplies, such as toner cartridges and copier ink, are real. Not only could it damage your machine, but it can also damage you! Make sure to research your company’s products to avoid these dangers. So please don’t be fooled by too good-to-be true price points or free shipping offers. There is simply no trade-off worth making in regards to your health. While there is no documented evidence of damage to humans caused by these products, there is concern that people may inhale small particles when using them. Considering many printers work improperly or have a high probability of breaking, allowing unbound toner into your home or office puts you at risk for respiratory problems and more. 

Fake Prints Are Bad for The Environment

We don’t know whether or not you’ve heard, but people love to go green these days. There are many ways to help improve Mother Earth, but one of the easiest is to choose items that have been printed with recycled paper simply. Unfortunately, you might be unknowingly purchasing non-recycled goods; since some products are labeled recycled when they aren’t. How do you know what items have been made with recycled paper? You don’t unless you purchase them from a trusted source.

Fake Prints Are Bad for Your Business

Imagine a customer gets a document from you and realizes it looks different than all of your other work. They realize it’s not just a simple misspelling or typo. As they look closer, they notice that every single page is completely different from what you typically produce for them. How does that make them feel? And how do you think they will react? Sure, everyone makes mistakes, and typos happen (all over—even on professionally printed documents). But if you use fake print supplies and try to pass off inferior work as quality business documents, your reputation will never be restored.

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