Where Do You Store Your Printer?

If you have a printer, it is likely that you don’t use it all the time. In fact, you might only use when you need to print something. Then, what do you do with your printer when it is not in use? Where do you store it such that it does not get in the way but still remains accessible when you need it? For those wondering how to store a printer, there are some great ways for you to do that. In this article, we share more about the best places for you to store a printer!

Printer Cabinet

Storing your printer in the printer cabinet is a great option if you have the space because you can store the printer as well as the cords and accessories. Everything can be kept in one place and you don’t have to worry about looking for accessories or cords when you need them. Make sure to measure the cabinet before you buy a new printer so it will be able to fit in!

Printer Drawer

This is a smaller option that is ideal for small spaces. A printer drawer can be placed on your desk or inside the closet. This is a wonderful option if you have limited space and don’t want your printer to take up a lot of room. Do measure the printer’s dimensions before you purchase a drawer to make sure it is able to fit. This is how to keep the printer hidden when it is not in use but still have convenient access when it is needed.

Printer Cart

If you need to move the printer around often, having a printer cart is the best solution because you can easily wheel it wherever you need it! You don’t have to carry your printer around and can move it to the place where you need it. Many printer carts also come with storage space for the cords and accessories, so you can keep it all in one place. This is a great choice if you have many cords and accessories. Ensure that you measure the dimensions of the printer before getting a cart.

Wall Mount

If you want a way to save more counter space, a wall-mounted printer is the way for you. Your printer will be out of the way but still easily accessible. Measure the dimensions of your printer before purchasing a wall mount so that it is able to fit.

Portable Printer Case

If you only use your printer occasionally, consider storing it in a portable case that can be easily moved. This is great if you need to bring your printer with you to different locations because it is easy to move.

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