Why It’s Important To Recycle Your Ink & Toner Cartridges

As we get more conscious about saving the planet, we start to recognize the little things we can do to reduce waste. Increasingly, products and packaging are now made to be recyclable or reused. You can recycle ink and toner cartridges too.

According to research, over 350 million ink cartridges end up in our nation’s landfill yearly. That is a ton of waste considering that those cartridges are made of recyclable materials. That means that we shouldn’t just toss them away once they are empty, instead we should start recycling them. You’d be surprised how many benefits there are to the simple action of recycling your ink and toner cartridges. In this article, we give you several reasons why you should recycle your empty ink and toner cartridges.

Prevents Waste

As mentioned before, there is an annual waste of 350 million used ink cartridges. To put it in another way, that’s about 30 million per month and 1 million in just one day! Being left in a landfill does no good besides wasting space. In a landfill, these cartridges may take up to thousands of years before fully breaking down. Furthermore, landfills are only getting bigger and bigger, whereas free land space is reducing. We don’t want precious land space to be taken up by items that can be repurposed. Choosing to recycle your ink and toner cartridges can help to lower thousands of pounds of trash from filling up the landfills and taking up space.

Saves Resources

Ink cartridges might seem tiny and do not need a lot of materials to make. However, these little cartridges are made of materials specially designed to hold ink and toner and are incredibly resource-intensive to produce. Each ink cartridge requires three ounces of oil to be produced, so over time, you’ll be wasting a ton of oil for all the ink and toner cartridges you’ve thrown away. An estimated amount of over 11 million gallons of oil over seven months can be saved just by recycling ink cartridges. This doesn’t even account for the amounts of plastic, paper, and metal that make the cartridge and its packaging, or the other resources needed to get those materials. You can help save the earth’s precious resources by recycling your ink cartridges.

Lowers Costs

Lastly, recycling ink cartridges has cost benefits as well. Manufacturers produce millions of ink cartridges that in turn cost them millions to produce. This means that the less they produce, the less they will have to spend on the manufacturing process. If you were to recycle your ink cartridges, this means ink cartridge producers do not need to produce as many ink cartridges, cutting down on their manufacturing costs. With lowered manufacturing costs, this can in turn allow them to lower the prices for the ink and toner cartridges when you buy them at the store. With the simple act of recycling, you can help yourself by cutting the prices of ink cartridges in the long run.

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