Why Your Printer Is Slow & What To Do About It

Printers are indispensable equipment in both your office and your home. Even though it has been around for decades, it has evolved considerably in recent years to bring you convenience, enhanced printing quality, brighter colors, and improved printing speed. Despite it being easy to operate, it is still a piece of complex equipment that requires regular maintenance and troubleshooting.

One of the most common problems faced is when your printer is slow, which can bring users frustration if you do not know how to fix it. Here, we present to your some common causes of slow printers and what you can do at home to resolve them.

Low or Old Toners

Laser printers rely on toners. It is highly sought after as it prints at faster speeds. When your printer is low on toner, printing speed is compromised. It takes more time to process the printing information as it needs to compensate for the lack of ink by increasing the blank spaces between each page. This also compromises your printing quality as it leaves you with some discolored, blank, or streaky prints.

If your toner is old, your printer might reject it entirely at times. Ideally, your toner works best during the first two years. After which, it can cause slow printing and low printing quality. If you use your printer regularly or haven’t replaced your toner for some time, it might be time to either get a new one or refill it.

Malfunctioning Gears

If you have had your printer for some time, some of the inner components might be worn out or out of place. Small pieces of paper, dust, or debris can also get lodged inside your printer, causing malfunction. If the gears are not working in sync, it might cause a lag in your printer’s functioning speed. You may open up the printer and check the internal components to ensure that everything is working accordingly.

Incompatible Paper

There are many types of high-quality paper available in the market that promises enhanced printing quality and color. However, not all types of paper are compatible with your printer. If you are using paper that is incompatible with your printer in terms of size or material, it can cause slow speed or reduced printing quality. You can consider purchasing paper that is designed specifically to fit your printer model.

Ensure that you are inserting your paper into the printer the right way too. Refer to the user manual for specific instructions on how you can do so to not cause jams and clogs.

Bad Connection

If your printer is not connected properly or is positioned far away from the network device, it can cause slow printing. You can resolve this by moving your printer closer to a router or plugging it into your switch if you are using wireless printing. It is also important to ensure that your printer is set up correctly to enhance network connection.

Printers From Reputable Brands

Using printers, cartridges, and supplies from reputable brands is recommended for the best printing experience. Using low-quality ink or toner cartridges, papers or internal components can damage your machinery in the long run. If you are looking for a new printer or other printer supplies, opt for original equipment manufacturers to ensure good quality.

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