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OEM Connect Team

Purchasing Team

Matt Kane

 Matt can be reached at 978-207-1055 x224, or matt@oemconnect.com.

Mark Fleming

Mark can be reached at 978-207-1055 x203, or mfleming@oemconnect.com.

Karen Mulcahy

Karen can be reached at 978-207-1055 x217, or kmulcahy@oemconnect.com

Mark Genthner

Mark can be reached at 978-207-1055 x228, or mgenthner@oemconnect.com

Sam Andrews

Sam can be reached at 978-207-1055 x208, or sandrews@oemconnect.com

Rick Penney

Rick can be reached at 978-207-1055 x220, or rpenney@oemconnect.com


Sales Team

Alan Mahar

Vice President of Sales and Marketing, hired in July 2009. Alan has been working since 1977 primarily as an independent manufacturers representative for companies such as Nashua Corp., GBC, Imation and Safco. Alan is instrumental in building and maintaining client relationships, including creating and implementing incentive programs and identifying new markets and distribution channels for buying and selling inventory. Alan values the relationships he has built in his career, and has fun creating win-win situations for his clients and OEM Connect. Alan can be reached at 978-207-1055 x204, or amahar@oemconnect.com.

Chris Nicosia

Sales Account Executive – Chris can be considered a customer service specialist. He has worked closely with the public throughout the course of his career. After assisting the senior sales team and learning the industry for many years, he has blossomed into a superlative salesman in his own regard. He brings with him youth and charisma unparalleled in the industry. Chris is known to brighten the days of customers and coworkers alike. Chris can be reached at 978-207-1055 x 205, or  cnicosia@oemconnect.com.

Jeff Panzero

Sales Accounts Executive – Jeff brings with him many years of sales experience over a diverse career path. His kind demeanor and outgoing personality make him a pleasure to deal with. Jeff excels and takes pride in his relationship building skills and our customers rave about his customer service. We are excited to have him in the fold. Jeff can be reached at 978-207-1055 x 214, or  jpanzero@oemconnect.com.

On Demand/Drop Ship Team

Lars Lemstrom

Lars can be reached at 978-207-1055 x208, or llemstrom@oemconnect.com.

Jansen Del Vecchio

Jansen can be reached at 978-207-1055 x 220, or jdelvecchio@oemconnect.com.

Drop Ship

All drop ship inquiries and orders can be sent to dropship@oemconnect.com

Management Team

Dave Nash

Dave Nash is the Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of OEM Connect. He started the company in 2001 after 25 years in the business at Xerox Corporation, Ricoh Corporation and Sharp Corporation. After leaving Xerox, Dave saw an opportunity in the market for low-cost ink and toner supplies which prompted him to start OEM Connect. He is responsible for growing the company from just two employees in 2001 to 30 employees and growing in 2014. Completely dedicated to customer satisfaction and retention, Dave's business motto can be summed up by this quote from Joseph C. Wilson: In the long run our customers are going to determine whether we have a job or whether we do not. Dave can be reached at 978-207-1055 x202, or dnash@oemconnect.com.

Bill Coffill

As the Business Manager for OEM Connect since 2006, Bill Coffill is responsible for all administrative functions such as accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, and 401K management. Bill also supports the sales and purchasing staffs by assisting with research when necessary. Prior to joining OEM Connect, Bill was with Good Impressions, Inc. and Monroe Stationers for a total of 25 years. Without Bill's scrupulous attention to detail and keen expertise with the latest technology, OEM Connect would not be the efficiently operating company that it is. Bill can be reached at 978-207-1055 x206, or bcoffill@oemconnect.com.

John McQuaid - Operations Manager

John McQuaid joined the OEM Connect team in 2012 with Warehousing, Shipping and Receiving as his focus. It soon became evident that John’s overall Operations experience, gleaned over 30 years in the industry, would enable OEM Connect to further grow our business in other areas, providing even more exceptional service options to our vendors and customers. Prior to joining OEM Connect, John had been with Globalware Solutions for 25 years, most recently as the Director of Global Logistics. In this role his attention was mainly on International Logistics functions, systems and procedures. Any type of Logistics concerns, whether it be Freight solutions, or personnel needs, John has the answers!!. John can be reached at 978-207-1055 x222, or jmcq@oemconnect.com.

Tom Cooper

Tom Cooper joined OEM Connect as a full time purchasing agent in 2010 after graduating from Franklin Pierce University with a degree in mass communication. During his college years, Tom served as a part time warehouse employee in the summers while home from school which helped him accumulate valuable product knowledge. After proving himself as a senior buyer, Tom became the head of our purchasing staff at the end of 2016 and now manages the entire team of buyers which continues to grow as the years go on. If you have any questions regarding the sale of your OEM surplus items, please feel free to contact Tom. He can be reached at 978-207-1055 x219 or tcooper@oemconnect.com.

Nanci Kasischke

eCommerce/On Demand Manager, Nanci can be reached at 978-207-1055 x227 or nanci@oemconnect.com.