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Black handwritten sans serif thin font

Mar 28, 2023 Which Fonts Use the Least Ink?

The cost of using Ink in the office has increased over the years, so any steps that you can take...

A woman uses office equipment to print

Mar 28, 2023 Ways To Clear A Print Job Stuck In Queue

As someone who owns a printer, you must have chanced upon an error message saying ‘print job stuck in queue’...

Magnifier and test print

Mar 28, 2023 Want To Improve Your Print Quality? 7 Must-Do Things

It can be frustrating at times when we experience poor print results when we are trying to print an important...

Druckkosten Laser

Mar 28, 2023 The Truth About Why Printer Ink Is So Expensive

Printer inks are so expensive. You would know this if you own a printer. There are many reasons why printer...

Colour toners for printers

Mar 28, 2023 The Dangers of Using Fake Print Supplies

Professional printers use expensive, high-quality print supplies to produce the best possible results when they print. Using fake or inferior print supplies...

closeup shot young female technician repairing digital printer

Mar 28, 2023 The 5 Ultimate Printer Maintenance Tips

Printers are an essential piece of equipment in the office and proper printer maintenance can help you keep it in...


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