Are you seeking a reliable OEM printing supplies provider to sell your excess supplies to? OEM Connect, which was founded in 2001, has developed to become a global leader in the resale, wholesale, and distribution of OEM ink, toner, and printing consumables. We are trusted for providing the most affordable prices on high-quality printing materials. Our company is employee-owned, and our enthusiastic employees are dedicated to providing brand name products as well as top-notched customer service to guarantee that we meet the needs of all of our consumers.

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Why Should ITAD Companies Sell Their Surplus and Overstock Ink and Toner Supplies?

OEM Connect is a seasoned buyer of excess ink and toner supplies from ITAD companies, and we will work tirelessly to help your company succeed. If you have extra ink and toner supplies that you cannot finish, consider selling them to OEM Connect, since we pay fair prices for them. We deal with a wide selection of brands, so you won't have any trouble selling us your surplus ink and toner supplies.

Understanding ITAD Companies

An IT asset disposition (ITAD) company offers clients various options for dealing with superfluous IT assets and computer equipment through safe data destruction services such as hard drive disintegration, degaussing, and shredding.

It is about disposing of obsolete IT equipment and hardware in a secure manner. A professional ITAD provider will securely erase and dispose of old devices. ITAD companies can also determine whether components of unwanted equipment may be recycled or repurposed.

ITAD Companies


ITAD services pervade much of our everyday lives. From the computers we use at our jobs and the smartphones we keep in pockets, to the data centers where our digital lives are stored, ITAD is necessary to keep our data from falling into the wrong hands. As the rate of innovation in the field of information technology is advancing, effective and transparent management of obsolete equipment is becoming more vital than before.

Data security and environmental considerations have further increased the complexity of ITAD. The days of shredding computer gear and then dumping it in a landfill are long gone. Computing equipment must now be disposed of safely so that harmful chemicals, heavy metals, and other dangerous compounds do not wind up in our water and land. Similarly, data privacy requirements have altered how governments, organizations, and businesses dispose of obsolete technology.

Brands We Accept

If you are an ITAD company, you will be pleased to know that we accept toners and inks from brands like:

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Why ITAD Companies Should Work with OEM Connect

OEM Connect has grown to become the leading wholesaler and distributor of OEM toner, ink, and printer supplies to resellers in the market. We buy genuine brand name excess, surplus, closeout, liquidation, and overstock supplies. Since we acquire from a wide range of brands, ITAD companies do not have to worry about not being able to sell their extra printing products to us.

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