With our world entering a digital age, it is no surprise that we face global issues such as pollution, especially when it comes to our electronic devices or components. Many people and companies fail to realize the importance and severity of these issues and contribute more to e-waste. This is where electronic recyclers step in, hoping to create solutions for individuals where they are able to dispose of their waste properly. They aim to process and separate materials. Only with the good separation of materials can electronic waste be disposed of properly.

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Why Should Electronic Recyclers Sell Their Surplus and Overstock Ink and Toner Supplies?

One way we can do our part to minimize the harm caused to our environment is to dispose of our electronic components or devices properly. This refers to additional surplus, overstock ink, and toner supplies that we may have in stock. If you are an electronic recycler, you might want to consider selling your surplus, overstock ink, and toner supplies to us as we are fully aware of how to dispose of them properly. You can be reassured that you are doing your job to ensure our environment’s well-protected and that you are minimizing its damage. Recycling important spare parts can also help to save monthly expenditure each month, minimizing printing costs be it for personal use or your business.

Understanding Electronic Recyclers

Electronic waste occurs when there is no proper disposal of electronic devices or components. In case you were not aware, our earth produces almost 50 million tonnes of e-waste each year, with the value increasing every year.

When people do not dispose of their electronic devices properly, it damages our environment. Electronic recyclers are therefore essential to provide disposal solutions. The disposal process usually consists of separating different materials such as precious metals, aluminum, copper, and steel among others.

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We should understand the importance of managing our e-waste as it can pose a serious problem to the state of our earth and harm it even further.

Brands We Accept

If you are an electronic recycler, you will be pleased to know that we accept toners and inks from brands like:

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Why Electronic Recyclers Should Work with OEM Connect

Here at OEM Connect, there we offer a range of printers for you to choose from. We guarantee that there is nothing that will not suit your needs with us. As a business partner for 21 years, we are well-versed in the industry, making us pioneers in our trade. OEM Connect carries printers from notable brands as listed above, and guarantees that there is nothing that will not catch your eye, be it personal or for your business. With a database of clients from all industries such as copier dealers, law offices, ITAD companies, schools, and universities, we are well-versed in knowledge and insight regarding the industry.

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