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OEM Connect is a company that has been growing quickly since it was founded in the year 2001 and has an employee strength of 30. OEM Connect is now among the most prominent distributors, resellers, and wholesalers of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) toner, ink, and printing supplies in general, with the most competitive prices in the entirety of the industry.

Our company is an employee-owned (ESOP) organization, and our committed employees are dedicated to giving the best in terms of product quality and personalized customer service to make sure that we at OEM Connect can meet all of our customers’ needs.

Types of Clients We Serve

Copier Dealers

Copier dealers can obtain copying machines of the highest quality from us, so that they may provide the same to their customers.


Hospitals will benefit greatly from our services, given that it is so important for patient details and other kinds of healthcare-related paperwork to be printed clearly and correctly.

Law Offices

Law offices would undoubtedly have a massive volume of paperwork, which we can ensure will be printed to the highest standards.

ITAD Companies

ITAD companies need to print important documents such as certificates, which would require the high-quality printing that we can provide.

Office Moving Companies

Office moving companies would require detailed printing, especially with respect to itemized lists that detail the office items that are moved.

Schools and Universities

Schools and universities would require high-quality printing tools, given the general paper-based nature of schooling, which entails a huge volume of paperwork.

E-Waste Management Companies

E-waste refers to the disposal of any electronic device or component. It has been reported that almost 50 million tonnes of e-waste...

Electronics Recyclers

Electronic waste occurs when there is no proper disposal of electronic devices or components. In case you were not aware, our earth produces...

Why Should You Work with OEM Connect?

OEM Connect has the lowest prices in the game, and this is actually true! We are capable of providing our customers with OEM toner, ink, and general printing supplies at prices that you will not be able to find anywhere else, because we sell our products below their market values. We have a wide selection of products as our specialty lies in superstore liquidations.

Our products are of the highest quality because they are OEM products and not remanufactured products. Our OEM products are much more beneficial for your machinery, and we store them in our air-conditioned storage facility, which will extend the shelf life of our products.

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We also specialize in end-of-life products and difficult-to-find brands. If there is something in particular that you are searching for and you cannot find it in other places, you will probably be able to find it at OEM Connect.

With our shipping solutions, we are able to cater to any client’s shipping needs. We use localized courier services and can provide both national and international shipping. We also purchase overstock items and sell them to multiple industries.

Contact us

If you have any questions about OEM Connect’s services, feel free to contact us today.