Are you seeking a reliable OEM printing supplies provider to sell your excess supplies to? OEM Connect, which was founded in 2001, has developed to become a global leader in the resale, wholesale, and distribution of OEM ink, toner, and printing consumables. We are trusted for providing the most affordable prices on high-quality printing materials. Our company is employee-owned, and our enthusiastic employees are dedicated to providing brand name products as well as top-notched customer service to guarantee that we meet the needs of all of our consumers.

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Why Should Office Moving Companies Sell Their Surplus and Overstock Ink and Toner Supplies?

OEM Connect is an experienced buyer of surplus ink and toner supplies from office moving companies, and we will work relentlessly to make sure that your needs are met. If you have stocked too much ink and toner supplies, consider selling them to OEM Connect, since we offer great prices for them. We accept a wide range of brands, so you'll have no issue selling us your excess ink and toner supplies.

Understanding Office Moving Companies

An office moving company is a firm that assists companies in relocating their belongings from one office to another. It provides all-inclusive relocation services such as packing, loading, moving, unloading, unpacking, and organizing of objects to be transferred.

Cleaning services for workplaces or storage facilities are some examples of additional services that may be provided by office moving companies.

Office moving companies have a distinct set of obstacles than home moving companies. The logistics of relocating the workplace entails a greater level of responsibility on the part of the workforce. A good office moving company knows the complexities of corporate structure and can ensure employee needs are met.

Office Moving Companies


Office relocations require a dizzying array of real and symbolic moving components. While companies must relocate everything, but the office moving company must also consider adjustment periods, restructuring, transitional workflows, employee happiness, and much more.

Finding or purchasing items such as bubble wrap, tape, paper, and boxes to protect and pack delicate office products and to consolidate the stacking and lugging on moving day is also part of the office moving process. Office moving companies usually need to stock printing materials, such as ink and toner, to print out labels for each box of objects.

Brands We Accept

If you are an office moving company, you will be pleased to know that we accept toners and inks from brands like:

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Why Office Moving Companies Should Work with OEM Connect

Our team at OEM Connect has grown from two to thirty employees in two decades to be able to provide our clients with great service. As the market's largest wholesaler and distributor of OEM toner, ink, and printer supplies, OEM Connect buy from a diverse variety of brands. We purchase authentic brand name excess, liquidation, overstock, closeout, and surplus printing supplies.

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