Created in 2001, OEM Connect has expanded fast since its inception. OEM Connect has established itself as one of the market's leading wholesalers, resellers, and distributors of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) ink, toner, and printing materials in general. We are known for offering the most affordable pricing for high-quality products. Our firm is employee-owned, and our passionate workers are committed to providing the highest quality goods and individualized customer service to ensure that OEM Connect can satisfy the demands of all of our clients.

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Why Should Schools and Universities Sell Their Surplus and Overstock Ink and Toner Supplies?

If you have bought too many ink and toner supplies, do consider selling them to OEM Connect at competitive pricing. OEM Connect is an experienced buyer of excess ink and toner supplies from schools and universities, and we will work hard to boost your savings. We accept a variety of brands, so you won't have to worry about not being able to sell your surplus goods to us.

Understanding Copier Dealers

A school is an educational institution that provides learning environments for students to learn in while being supervised by teachers. Schools can refer to any degree of education and include all of the following: kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school, college, university, and graduate school are all options.

Each state's department of education monitors school performance through high school in the United States. Charter schools are public elementary or secondary schools that are exempt from certain rules, regulations, and ordinances that govern regular public schools. A primary school is frequently referred to as a grammar school or a grade school. Furthermore, there are tax-funded magnet schools that provide programs and teaching not offered in ordinary schools.

Schools and Universities

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A university is a higher education and research institution that grants academic degrees in a variety of academic areas. Undergraduate and postgraduate programs are often offered by universities in several schools or colleges of study. Universities may also feature a medical or law school for those interested in pursuing professional degrees. Some colleges provide specific programs that allow students to achieve both an undergraduate and a graduate degree in a shorter period of time. Because of the higher number of enrolled students, universities often have a more broad variety of classes and activities than colleges.

Brands We Accept

If you are a school or university, you will be pleased to know that we accept toners and inks from brands like:

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Why Schools and Universities Should Work with OEM Connect

OEM Connect has established itself as a key wholesaler and distributor to resellers of OEM toner, ink, and printer consumables, with the lowest cost in the business. We specialize in buying authentic brand name surplus, closeout, liquidation, overstock, and excess products. Schools and universities with excess inventory should sell to us since we acquire items from a variety of brands.

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