OEM Connect, founded in 2001, has grown rapidly since its start. OEM Connect has established itself as one of the market's major wholesalers, resellers, and distributors of OEM ink, toner, and printing supplies in general. We are well-known for providing the most reasonable prices for high-quality items. Our company is employee-owned, and our employees are dedicated to providing high-quality items and personalized customer care to guarantee that OEM Connect can meet the needs of all of our clients.

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Why Should Hospitals Sell Their Surplus and Overstock Ink and Toner Supplies?

If you have too many ink and toner supplies that are stocking up and you cannot finish, consider selling them to OEM Connect at a fair price. OEM Connect is a seasoned buyer of surplus ink and toner supplies from hospitals, and we will work hard to maximize your profits. We accept a wide range of brands, so you won't have to worry about being unable to sell your excess ink and toner supplies to us.

Understanding Hospitals

A hospital is an institution that is established, equipped, and staffed for illness diagnosis, medical and surgical treatment of the injured and sick, and accommodation throughout this procedure. The contemporary hospital is also frequently used as a teaching and research facility.

To better serve the community's diverse requirements, the contemporary hospital has frequently established outpatient clinics, as well as rehabilitation, psychiatric, and emergency services. Furthermore, bedless hospitals only offer day surgery and outpatient treatment. Patients come to the facility for brief appointments. They may also be admitted for treatment in surgical or medical units for a portion of a day or for the entire day, following which they are discharged for further evaluation by a primary care health professional.



The hospital is a complicated institution these days, and it is becoming more so as contemporary technology expands the variety of diagnostic capabilities and treatment options. A more highly trained workforce is necessary as a result of the expanded variety of services and more complicated treatments and operations accessible. A mix of biotechnology, engineering, and medical research has resulted in a plethora of novel therapies and apparatus, most of which need specific training and facilities for usage. As a result, hospitals have grown more expensive to operate, and healthcare executives are more concerned with issues of efficiency, efficacy, cost, and quality.

Brands We Accept

If you are a hospital, you will be pleased to know that we accept toners and inks from brands like:

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Why Hospitals Should Work with OEM Connect

OEM Connect has established itself as a leading wholesaler and distributor of OEM toner, ink, and printer consumables to resellers, at the lowest cost in the industry. We buy genuine brand name excess, closeout, overstock, liquidation, and surplus merchandise. As we buy products from a wide range of brands, institutions such as hospitals with extra inventory should sell to us.

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