3 Easy Ways To Remove Printer Ink From Skin And Fabrics

Yikes! A smear of ink from a printer on your fingers... and the clothes that you wear. Oh no!

So, the question becomes how to remove printer ink from skin and clothing? Take it easy. This situation is not hopeless, though. To remove ink off your hands, clothing, and other fabrics, try the methods below which we will be sharing shortly.

Leaving ink on skin or clothing for an extended period of time makes it more stubborn to remove. You should blot away the extra ink and then rinse with cold water if you get printer ink on your skin or your clothes.

Removing Printer Ink from Skin

How you ended up with ink on your skin may be a mystery. Hence, what we have here is a guide to help you remove ink from your skin.

The natural inclination for most people is to find a way to eliminate that foreign element from their skin using Kleenex or wet tissues. Unfortunately, there will be occasions when this becomes really pointless.

In such case, let us check out the proper approach to get rid of printer ink on the spot.

  • Standard Solution

Soaps like antibacterial or degreaser types can usually remove printer ink. Because of their abrasive grit and solvents, they effectively remove ink stains from the skin.

Although printer companies suggest using coarse soap to get rid of printer ink on skin, you may find that other, more robust approaches may be necessary.

How about we take a look at what we can use besides antibacterial soap and a degreaser to remove ink from skin:

  • Ammonia in glass cleaners
  • Hairspray
  • Baby oil
  • Tea tree oil or nail polish remover

Removing Printer Ink from Hands

Work with printers and ink cartridges often, and you will get those dreaded inky fingertips. Do not freak out. You can still stay safe even with printer ink on your skin. Still, you should wash your hands after getting ink on them.

How does one go about removing ink from hands, on the fingertips, for example?

Given that hands are likewise composed of skin, the procedure we outlined above for removing printer ink from skin can be applied to removing printer ink from hands as well. If you have ink on your hands, you may quickly remove it by following the instructions we provided above.

You can also use anything like a nail file, emery board, or sandpaper.

Removing Printer Ink from Fabrics

It is such a pain trying to figure out how to remove ink off skin and fabric. Ink removal from skin is a given. Cleaning ink out of garments and fabrics is a whole different can of worms and it can emit an awful odor.

Everyone, including Grandma, claims to have a "unique method" for getting rid of ink stains on clothes. You may find everything from excellent to bizarre methods of stain removal with just a fast internet search.

However, the fundamentals of eradicating ink stains from fabrics have not changed. Quickly apply cold water to the spot and to clean, wait until the cold water dries, and then go to town with your cleaning agents or bleach for white fabrics.