3 Ways To Reduce Your Office Printing Costs

If you work in an office, printing is undoubtedly an essential part of a business’ daily operations. From printing important documents like employee information to accounting papers, costs of printing can quickly add up, especially if you’re part of a big company. It’s likely that organizations are spending more than necessary on printing, and it’s easy to reduce office printing costs if you follow these methods.

Use an Ink-Saving Font

It may seem ridiculous, but did you know the type of font you use plays a role in printing costs? If your company is looking for ways to reduce office printing costs, it’s great to know there are specific fonts you can use from now on that will help. These include Ecofont, Century Gothic, Garamond, Baskerville, and Times New Roman, on top of plenty more. While cutting costs by choosing fonts that use less ink for printing may seem like a futile effort, over time, your company does stand to save a lot of money on ink cartridges. For every pixel of surface area that can be saved, fewer amount of ink particles will be needed to produce your prints. So, the next time you’re printing a stack of documents for the office, ditch the Arial font as using this font tends to use more ink. Instead, pick from the wide selection of ink-saving fonts available for printing.

Reduce the Size of Your Margins

If you haven’t noticed, the default margin preference on Microsoft Word documents is set as 1.25”. Increasing the margins in your documents means that less content will be able to fit on that page, which will lead you to use even more paper for printing. A way to reduce office printing costs includes avoiding broader margins and bleed designs. When you reduce your page margins to 0.7” from 1.25”, more space is freed up on your paper to fit more content. A study carried out by Penn State Green Destiny Council found that implementing this small change can reduce your use of paper by 4.75 percent, increasing your profit margins at the end of the day.

Print on Both Sides

Every so often, an idea comes around that is so simple it is impossible to argue with. For those looking to reduce office printing costs, duplex printing is one of those solutions. This simply means printing in an automatic double-sided mode which would cut down your company’s paper costs by 50 percent directly. Ensuring your printer has the duplex printing feature can also make work more efficient as you need not manually remove the sheet, change the side, then load it back in the printer. In addition, you’ll also be leaving a positive impact on the environment by saving on water, energy, and trees that go into making paper. Moreover, duplex printing saves a lot of wastage.

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