5 Ways To Reduce Your Office Toner Costs

Nobody likes feeling ripped off when it comes to the essentials – gas, groceries, and toner cartridges, on top of plenty more. We all know that ink and toners don’t come cheap, but at the same time, printing less may not be a viable option for many companies. Instead of stressing over the prices of an essential office supply, we’ve compiled X tips on how you can reduce office toner costs in your company.

Leverage Toner Saver Mode to Reduce Office Toner Costs

Many printers today have a dedicated “toner saver” mode if you’re looking for a nifty default setting to help you reduce office toner costs. This means printing in draft mode or black and white instead of a high-quality print if the highest quality is not required, like for proofreading or internal documents. This method prints your documents faster, so you get to save both time and money. Take note that your font may be changed if you use this mode.

Replace Inkjet Printers with Laser Devices to Reduce Office Toner Costs

Everyone is looking to save on costs by looking for supplies with low prices, but sometimes going cheap can end up being a false economy. For inkjet printers, a replacement cartridge can be more expensive than the printer itself. On the other hand, laser printers tend to cost more but operate at a lower cost-per-page in small and medium-sized business environments.

Create an Office Print Policy to Reduce Office Toner Costs

Does your office have a formal print policy in place? Are you tracking printing expenses? When management modulates utilities and perishables like coffee, it’s possible to do so with printing. Implementing an office print policy can be as simple as sending an email to address when employees are to use color, duplex printing, and which type of printer to use for various jobs. As long as it is sensible, employees may also start taking other initiatives on their own to reduce office toner costs.

Change the Font You’re Using to Reduce Office Toner Costs

It may seem like a futile effort to some, but even changing the type of font you use can help to reduce office toner costs. A few examples of fonts that use less ink include Century Gothic, Ecofont, Garamond, Baskerville, and Times New Roman, on top of plenty more. For every pixel of surface area saved when printing, fewer ink particles are used to produce your prints.

Clean the Printer to Reduce Office Toner Costs

Regularly maintaining your printers can help you get more out of your toner cartridges and laser printers. Ensure there are no build-ups of dried toner or any other blockages that can affect the flow of your toners.

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