A Guide To 5% Page Coverage

Have you ever seen the words ‘5% page coverage’ on your printer display and wondered what those words meant? Have you ever been frustrated knowing that your cartridge is not lasting as long as the manufacturer has promised? To put it simply, 5% page coverage means that only 5% of the page is colored with ink or toner, be it in black-and-white or color. Read more to find out how this value is calculated and what it looks like on a page of printed paper.

Introduction to Page Yield or Duty Cycle

To distinguish how 5% page coverage is calculated, we need to understand the definition of page yield or duty cycle and how it works. The term page yield refers to the number of pages a single ink cartridge or toner can produce, whereas the term duty cycle refers to the estimated number of pages a printer can produce given a certain period of time without breaking down or going wrong. 

Introduction to 5% Page Coverage

There are different factors that influence the number of pages your cartridge is able to produce. It is also challenging to explain the terms without calculating parameters, which include printing speed, layer thickness, and infill density of the printer, among others. Page coverage refers to the maximum amount of pages a toner cartridge or ink can print, but it does not give the exact amount that it will print. To find out if your printed document only has 5% page coverage, one way is to notice its colors as it is bound to have more shaded areas and fewer colors. In this case, do be sure to steer away from printing photographs as photographs require a lot more toner and ink. 

What Can I Do to Make My Toner and Ink Last Longer?

No one wants toner and ink that run out quickly. Everyone wants to be able to print as many documents using their toner and ink. We have created a list of things you can do to make your toner and ink last longer:

  • Keep Digital Copies: Instead of printing out your receipts, invoices, or bills, try keeping a hard copy of these documents in order to save toner and ink, and paper.
  • Print Only Required Documents: If you are an avid printer who utilizes the printer regularly for unnecessary documents, think twice about your printing behavior.
  • Service Your Printer: Printers usually last 4-5 years, so be sure to constantly send your printer for maintenance regularly.

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