Canon Error 5200 Explained Common Causes And Fixes

Canon produces a variety of high-quality printers suitable for both home and office use. They usually work as advertised, producing top-notch outcomes 100% of the time.

However, there is no such thing as a perfect world, and the Canon error 5200 is a frequent issue with many of its models. If you encounter the error again, here are the common causes and fixes for you to explore.

Canon Error 5200 Causes

So, what exactly is the problem with your printer? Canon offers a rather vague explanation for error 5200, stating:

  • Printer Fault

One of their first pieces of advice is to remove the printer’s cover, switch it off, and look inside for a protective tape in orange, white polystyrene, or anything else that should not be there.

  • Ink Cartridge Fault

Unfortunately, ink cartridge issues are a common cause of Canon error 5200. A faulty cartridge, a low or empty cartridge, or improper installation are all possible reasons.

Canon error 5200 can occur when the black ink cartridge is empty or nearly empty.

Canon printers, like those of many other manufacturers, attempt to compensate for a depleted black cartridge by blending the three remaining colors (cyan, magenta, and yellow). While this method can provide a dark color that is nearly black, it also has the potential to cause the dreaded error 5200.

  • Logic Board Fault

Canon error 5200 can also be caused by a malfunctioning logic board, which is a more serious issue.

The logic board is the primary controller for the printer's electronic components. Contacting Canon is probably your best bet if problems with your printer's logic board emerge.

Fixing Canon Error 5200

  • Reboot Printer

A simple reboot should be attempted as a preliminary step before proceeding. Press and hold the power button until the printer beeps, then unplug it.

Do not turn on the printer for a while after disconnecting the power cord. In order to determine if your Canon printer is back up and running, you should print a test page and see if you continue to receive the error 5200 message.

It is common for printer cartridge ink levels to cause the Canon error 5200. In most cases, turning the printer off and on again will reset the ink level detection system and have you printing again in no time.

  • Check Ink Cartridge

Still having trouble? The following step is to examine the cartridge's ink levels.

Put in new cartridges for any of the four that are low. This is a frequent method for resolving Canon error 5200.

  • Clean Print Head

Cleaning the print head can also resolve Canon error 5200. Using the in-app cleaning feature is the quickest method of accomplishing this. This function flushes the printer with more ink to flush out any dried ink that may be causing issues.

To access this feature, most printers require you to go to the "Settings" then choose "Maintenance" and "Cleaning." Cleaning the Canon printer can take a while, and if the error 5200 keeps popping up, you may need to run the process more than once.

  • Reset Canon Printer

Canon printers can sometimes be reset to factory settings if cleaning the print head does not resolve error 5200.

Resetting your Canon printer requires following procedures that vary by model.