Comparing Printer Toners

It is difficult to find a reliable toner cartridge manufacturer in the market nowadays. However, HP has stood out as an exceptional maker of printers and printer components. Some of their epic creations include the HP 414X and the HP 414A toner sets.

They are an engineering masterpiece that will take your printer’s production capacity to the next level. Even so, the two toner models are not similar. Any ardent printer user would be curious to know the better alternative between the two. We are going to compare the HP 414A vs. HP 414X in terms of different printing attributes and find out the superior model. Here we go:

Toner Capacity

The HP 414X toner is a high-capacity cartridge. Therefore, you expect it to accommodate a significantly larger amount of toner in comparison to the cartridge set in the HP 414A toner. There is thrice as much toner in the 414X toner cartridge as it is in the 414A model.  That implies that the former is capable of printing more pages at a slightly reduced cost per print.

Average Cost per Print

The HP 414X delivers a better cost per print. It doubles in price as compared to the 414A model, selling for about $165 but it is capable of printing 7,500 pages to give an average cost-per-print of $0.022.

Essentially, it can put out three times the number of printed pages. On the other hand, the HP 414 A model is more affordable but with a higher cost per print. It goes for about $87 and prints 2,400 pages thus giving a cost-per-page average of $0.036.

Toner Price

Price is another key parameter that we can use to compare the 414X and the 414A toners. The 414A cartridge is less expensive but not as cost-effective production-wise as the 414X toner. The HP 414A model would be a great pick if you need to acquire a printing cartridge on a tight budget.

Yet, it is not cost-effective in the long run owing to a higher cost per print.  However, if you want a better production rate with favorable running costs, the HP 414X is ideal. You will have to dig deeper into your pocket for the initial investment in the equipment.


The” X” on the 414X toner cartridge does not just mean extra print capacity, better toner capacity, and a lower cost per print. It also transforms into better durability. You already know that its page yield is well better than the 414A model. Therefore, its steep price is well worth it.

The 414A model might be a cheaper alternative but will not last as long as the 414X toner cartridge. Its page yield is three times as much as the standard 414A color toner. More page yield transforms into longer service life for the 414X cartridge toner.


From our analysis, it is clear that the 414X color toner cartridge has an edge over the 414A cartridge. That is not surprising since the 414A model is only a standard cartridge. On the other side of the coin, the 414 toner is a high-capacity cartridge equipped with the right attributes to offer more page yield at a lower cost per print.

The initial cost of the two toners features a huge disparity but the expensive alternative is worthwhile with minimal running costs in the long run. Nonetheless, both toners are compatible and can be utilized in the same printer. This is a useful tip for anyone who may be keen on saving money.