OEM Vs. Compatible Toner: What's The Difference?

Printing costs can be a hassle, especially if you are an avid printer user and print a document every other day. If you run an office, you would be fully aware of how printing can be an extra cost to your monthly expenditure. One way, however, to save more cents is to purchase less expensive toner, especially if you only print black-and-white documents. That way, you will still achieve decent printing quality while being able to save on printing costs. If you are unsure of the types of toner, we are here to tell you the difference between OEM vs. compatible toner. Read more to find out the difference.

OEM Toner

OEM toner, which stands for original equipment manufacturer toner cartridge, is the type of toner manufactured by the company that developed your printer. For instance, if the brand of your printer is Brothers, then they are the maker of your OEM cartridges for your printer. One benefit of using an OEM toner cartridge is that it offers high-quality prints, which can say a lot about your business or brand.

Compatible Toner

Unlike OEM toner cartridges, compatible toner cartridges are manufactured by a third party. They are also known as a clone or generic toners as they look nearly identical to OEM toner cartridges. One thing to note before purchasing a compatible toner is to ensure that you are purchasing a compatible toner cartridge instead of refilled toner. This is because refilled toners have poor quality and can cause damage or failure to your printer. 

What Is the Price of the Different Types of Toners?

As OEM cartridge toners are genuine, you would have to pay slightly more since they produce high-quality prints. Compatible cartridges may use poor-quality components, which in turn will affect the quality of the document. Fading, blotching, and patching may occur if you do not use the right compatible cartridges. Compatible cartridges can be about half to a quarter of the price of genuine cartridges. However, this does not necessarily mean that cheaper means better quality.

How to Look Out for Fake Cartridges

To spot a fake cartridge, be sure to look out for these three things:

  • Product: There will be differences in labels, colors, and shapes
  • Packaging: Look out for a security tag to ensure its authenticity
  • Price: Fake cartridges are usually a lot cheaper than authentic ones

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