Standard vs. XL Ink Cartridges

Printer ink cartridges come in different kinds and dimensions to suit different printers. These printer components feature different attributes giving them unique capabilities in terms of performance and yield.

All printer component manufacturers, including Brothers, HP, and Canon, sell their cartridge models in the XL and standard dimensions. That implies that you have to be keen when choosing the models to ensure that you select an ideal cartridge that complements your printing requirements and fits your printer accurately.

We understand that many people have a hard time differentiating between the standard and XL ink cartridges. That is why we have come up with a solid standard vs. XL ink cartridges analysis to set the record straight. Stay tuned for an educative experience!

Process of Installation

There is no difference between the two when it comes to the process of installation. The “XL” tag might lead you to believe that the cartridge is larger. Contrary to that belief, the XL model is similar in size to the standard cartridge.

The only contrast between the two lies in the capacity that they can accommodate. What’s more, both cartridges are designed to fit into the same generic cartridge compartment. You do not have to readjust the cartridge slot in any way for the models to fit.

Cost Comparison

In terms of cost comparison, the XL cartridge is on the steep end. However, it guarantees more ink capacity which leads to better yield and performance. Thus, you need to consider purchasing the XL model if you can afford it. It will be a worthy investment. If you have a tight budget, the standard model would be ideal. It might not offer the best performance but it is reliable and well made too.

Ink Capacity

One of the most distinguishing attributes between XL and standard ink cartridges is the ink capacity. Unlike what most people think, the size of the two cartridges does not count since they are even. As you might guess, the XL ink cartridge can accommodate more ink when compared to the standard version. Therefore, it is wise to choose the XL cartridge as it guarantees uninterrupted printing. With a larger capacity, you will not worry about changing the printer’s cartridge frequently.

Performance and Yield

Bigger is always better when it comes to a printer’s ink cartridge. That is true with the ink capacity. The importance of stressing that is because the cartridge's ink capacity determines its yield and capacity. To be specific, the XL ink cartridge will give you an edge in terms of printing output when compared to the standard model.

XL ink cartridges also boost convenience as you will not have to refill it now and then. Similarly, the XL model limits the amount of office supply. With that in mind, the model is recommended for an office or business place that prints regularly. Not only is the XL printer ink cartridge valuable but it is also economical.


It should be easy to choose between the XL ink cartridge and the standard model with our comprehensive analysis above. The key lesson from this brief piece is to go for the XL ink cartridge instead of the standard one if you are on a tight budget.

It will save you a lot of money in the long run thanks to its bigger ink capacity. In addition to guaranteeing a higher yield, the XL model is also essential in cutting down the carbon footprint in your home or business. This is because the cartridge immensely reduces the number of cartridges your business will utilize to meet its printing requirements.