Technology is truly a marvel. With smartphones and tablets so accessible and compact, it is no wonder they have become such a large part of our lives. With a detachable Bluetooth keyboard, they can even replace laptops and monitors! So, it seems natural to ask ourselves if we can control our printers from our phones or tablets. After all, numerous brands like HP have already developed their own mobile applications. With that in mind, here is a guide on how you can print from a phone or a tablet!

Apple Products

Apple is known for its user-friendly products, so it is not a surprise that everything Apple, from the iPhone to the iPad, can connect with various common printer brands. The feature AirPrint in Apple products allows you to print high-quality images from your photo album and documents folder on your device. Here is how you can use AirPrint on printers that are compatible with the feature:

  1. Open the application that holds the image or document you wish to print.
  2. From there, open the share options and select the print options. Note that not all apps allow you to utilize AirPrint.
  3. Tap on the ‘Print’ tab.
  4. Choose the printer from the Wi-Fi network, and print!

Android Products

The Android version of AirPrint is the Cloud Print application. The Cloud Print app can easily be downloaded from the Google app store. It functions like a printer manager across all your Android products. All you have to do is link a compatible printer to the Cloud Print app, and you can quickly start remotely printing your photos or documents. Here is how you can utilize the Cloud Print App:

  1. After installing the Cloud Print App, go to settings.
  2. You will find a list of available Cloud Print compatible Wi-Fi printers.
  3. Connect your printer by selecting it.
  4. Open your photo album or webpage and click on the print option.
  5. That’s it!

Wi-Fi Connection

If you are an Android owner but do not use Google often, you can still remotely control your printer with Amazon’s Kindle Fire and HDX readers. To use these functions, you will have to connect the driver from the printer manufacturer to your HDX or Kindle Fire. This will directly link your printer with your device, even without Cloud Print. To print, you simply have to seek out the ‘Print’ icon or the ‘Share page’ tab, which will lead to your print options. How convenient!

Printer Applications

Lastly and most obviously, use the applications from the printer manufacturer. As stated, many printer brands have developed their own apps available for download online or in app stores. Download the brand’s app and set up a connection with your printer. These apps often come with other features, such as indicating the ink levels!