What Is A Printer Toner & How Does It Work?

Toners are powdered mixtures that transfer text and images on paper. In most cases, toners are used in laser printers, whereas ink cartridges are used for inkjet printers. We understand the struggle of not knowing how a printer toner works. Some questions that may be burning in your mind include “How does it work?”, “Is it expensive?”, “How often should I replace my printer toner?”, etc. If these have been tinkering on your mind for some time now, especially if you want to purchase a printer, you have come to the right place.

How Does It Work?

In most cases, printer toners are usually stored in a single cartridge, which means that you would have to continuously spend money to replace cartridges once the toner has depleted. The ingredients of toner consist of plastic and pigment, where each ingredient has a role. The plastic helps pigment stick on the paper when it is heated and it melts, whereas pigments provide the color for the document.

Is it Expensive?

Printer toners are known to be very expensive all around the world. They cost a lot of money as companies need to make a profit. However, the price of the toner also depends on the brand of the toner, its quality, and its high production cost. Money is also spent on research and development during the manufacturing of the printer toner, which explains why these costs add to the overall price of the toner. On top of these costs, other costs to factor in include inflation as well as import costs.

How Often Should I Replace My Printer Toner?

Although printer toner cartridges do not have an expiration date, they may lose their quality if you store a printer toner for too long. If an ink cartridge is unopened or unused, it can last up to 2 years, depending on the humidity level of your environment and where your printer is stored.

How Can I Get My Printer Toner to Last Longer?

To sustain the quality of your printer toner, one thing you could consider doing is continuously shaking the cartridge. As cartridges consist of toner in powder form, the powder can be distributed unevenly, causing inconsistencies in the printing document. To ensure that your printer toner has a long lifespan, be sure to pull out the toner cartridge, place a paper towel on top of it, and shake it continuously so that all the ink in the toner spreads out evenly.

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