The cost of using Ink in the office has increased over the years, so any steps that you can take to reduce it are worth considering. One such step is to use ink-efficient fonts, meaning that they are less Ink than others to print each letter and symbol you need. A popular example of this is Adobe Garamond Pro, which could help you save thousands of dollars in ink costs throughout your lifetime. This guide will explain exactly how this works and what other fonts you should consider when looking for ways to save money on office supplies like inkjet cartridges and printer paper!

Ryman Eco

Ryman Eco font is super-clean and crisp, making it good for long documents like books or reports. According to an old (2012) research study, Ryman Eco prints use about 42% less Ink than typical serif fonts. That’s not bad, but there are better options if you’re looking for even greater savings. 

Ecofont Sans

Just as it sounds, Ecofont Sans is an innovative typeface that cuts ink use by 35 percent compared to a standard font. It’s free to download and install, making it one of our top fonts picks for students and educators who want to reduce their carbon footprint. 


This font is great if you need to put together a newsletter or any other type of report. Its letter shapes are also compact, which can help keep your document size small. Additionally, its simple design makes it highly legible and easy to read. Each character uses around 10% of your word count, making it one of the more efficient options on our list.

Century Gothic

While it’s hard to rank fonts by their efficiency, Century Gothic is near the top. Not technically a font, but if you’re looking for an ink-efficient way to make your document or newsletter look like it was created by Gary Trudeau, then go with Century Gothic. Not only does it use less Ink than most other popular fonts, but its design allows for more words per line — again saving on-page usage. This typeface is available on most computers—uses less Ink than pretty much any other option. An average of 24.8 percent less Ink is used for each letter printed in Century Gothic compared to standard fonts. 

Brush Script

Total Ink used is 5.9% compared to an average of 18.0%. Brush Script is a trademark of Blue Byte Software GmbH and was included in their game Anno 1503. It was designed by Harald Wagener, who also designed several other scripts, such as Ostrich Sans (the most popular script font on Web pages) and Batang (used for the logo of Firefox). As far as I know, no free version is available.

Adobe Garamond Pro

If you’re looking for an elegant typeface that gives you more bang for your printer cartridge, then Adobe Garamond Pro may be for you. This font is easy to read and very versatile. This font was specifically designed to use fewer ink cartridges than other fonts (the company estimates it will save users about 15% of their Ink). It does have a few downsides, though; mainly, its letters appear jagged on-screen because it’s meant to look good when printed rather than on a computer screen. 

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