Three Methods For Cleaning A Clogged Printhead

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Three Methods For Cleaning A Clogged Printhead The frequency with which you print has a significant impact on the life of your printer cartridge. If you print infrequently and over a long period of time, you may realize that your printed pages are faded, stained, or even blank. A clogged printhead is one of the most common causes of this issue. Dried ink deposits and obstructs the flow within your cartridge, resulting in a blocked print head. Here are three tips on how to clean a clogged printhead. Option 1: Damp Paper Towel Application This is the method that we most frequently recommend to our consumers. Cleaning your printhead is straightforward, quick, and frequently the least intrusive technique. The majority of printheads are situated on the cartridge itself. Remove the cartridge from the printer and discard it. Make sure you have a paper towel-lined space ready in case things get a little dirty. Apply a damp paper towel to the print head nozzle and wipe it off carefully. When exposed to water, the ink will visibly break down and transform into a liquid. When wiped, the thicker ink bits will begin to flake off. You can reinstall the cartridge into […] Read More

The Pros & Cons Of Using Laser Printers

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The Pros & Cons Of Using Laser Printers Choosing an appropriate printer can be difficult due to the many alternatives available. The two most common types of printers are laser and inkjet. Many folks are perplexed as to which printer is appropriate for their specific requirements. This article addresses the benefits and drawbacks of laser printers. Advantage 1: Overall Cost It may come as a surprise to you that laser printers are less expensive overall. Even though these printers have a high initial purchase price, their cheap operating costs compensate for it.  Advantage 2: Best Quality Text Laser printers are said to be the finest for producing high-quality text. No other printer, inkjet or otherwise, can produce such crisp prints. Laser printers are preferred because of their ability to print official papers like emails, invoices, and other paperwork. Furthermore, there are no smudges to be concerned about. Advantage 3: Speed Laser printers are known for their fast printing speeds due to their use of laser technology. Most of the time, the printer completes the task before you arrive. It means that a laser printer saves you a large amount of time by executing the task quickly and efficiently. It is […] Read More

The Pros & Cons Of Using Inkjet Printers

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The Pros & Cons Of Using Inkjet Printers Inkjet printers can print in high resolution and high efficiency at a relatively low cost. However, like any other technical device, they have disadvantages too. Even though they are quite efficient at what they do, there are still areas where they can improve. This post will help you grasp the major pros and cons. Advantage 1: Supports Many Paper Types One of the key advantages of inkjet printers over laser printers is that they can print on a number of paper types. The flexibility to print on several types of paper is a significant advantage, especially for those who work with graphics and designs. Advantage 2: Easy to Use and Setup Inkjet printers are ready to print right away. Furthermore, inkjet printers are equipped with user-friendly features such as LCD screens, making them even easier to operate and manage. Advantage 3: Lightweight and Compact Inkjet printers are recognized for being lightweight and compact, making them an ideal choice for those who need to move them frequently or for those who are constantly on the go, whether it’s because they travel frequently or work in several locations. Advantage 4: More Affordable Another major […] Read More

Standard Vs. High Yield Toners What’s The Difference?

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Standard Vs. High Yield Toners What’s The Difference? When purchasing toner, it’s easy to become perplexed by choice. Manufacturers also consider page coverage, which refers to how much of the page is really printed on. As far as industry ratings for printed pages go, five percent seems to be relatively common. Beyond counting pages and ink coverage, the two yield kinds have some major variations that not everyone considers when making a purchasing decision. Below are some key talking points in the discussion of standard vs high yield toners. Lifespan Concerns It may be tempting to rush out and buy the highest-yield cartridges you can find in order to save time and money, but these toners aren’t right for everyone. Toner comes with a guarantee and an expiration date from the manufacturer, indicating that there is a real potential that the toner will go bad and cause quality concerns.  If you don’t print enough to use up the high yield toner before it runs out, your print quality may suffer, and your printer may even be damaged. Examine the number of pages a high yield cartridge will print over the course of a year to establish your actual printing requirements. […] Read More

Reasons To Avoid Remanufactured Toner Cartridges

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Reasons To Avoid Remanufactured Toner Cartridges Printing isn’t cheap, there is no denying that. While printer prices have dropped dramatically in recent years, the continuous costs of consumables such as toner can quickly pile up. Many organizations looking for methods to save money on printing have turned to remanufactured toner cartridges as a solution. There are two sides to this practice. Using remanufactured cartridges is far less expensive than using OEM cartridges. However, if you damage your printer by using the wrong cartridge, you could end up paying even more. Let’s look at some of the typical issues that arise while utilizing remanufactured toner cartridges. Risk of Malfunctioning Replacement parts are required for remanufactured cartridges to function properly. The danger of the problem increases if the manufacturer ignores this step or does not repair marginally worn parts. Before you buy, find out what kind of warranty or guarantee the seller provides. Most businesses value customer happiness, and a respectable remanufacturer will return your money if their items don’t perform as expected. A reputable remanufacturer will guarantee their work. Print Quality Your toner cartridge is an important part of the printing process that has a direct impact on the print quality. […] Read More

Key Considerations When Buying A Printer

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Key Considerations When Buying A Printer You might be unsure of which printer to buy due to the abundance of choice. Looking for the proper variables to consider when purchasing a printer to meet relevant needs will help you make the best decision. Beginners, on the other hand, may struggle to understand what are the most crucial elements to consider. You should learn what to look for in a wireless printer before getting one. Having all of the facts will assist you in making the best decision. The following are the most important elements to consider when buying a printer. Monochrome vs. Color You can purchase either a monochrome or a color printer, depending on the type of print output you require. People make the mistake of buying a monochrome printer instead of a color printer and then complain about it. A printer should be chosen with caution.  Media Handling It’s also crucial to understand different paper types and whether or not your printer supports a specific paper size or type. It will assist you in avoiding making a poor decision. Many times, I’ve seen folks leave nasty reviews for a printer after purchasing the incorrect printer in the first […] Read More

Is Your Toner Cartridge Leaking?

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Is Your Toner Cartridge Leaking? Many laser printer users’ worst nightmare is a leaking printer toner cartridge. A powdery mess within the printer, a soiled piece of clothing, or streaked printouts are all signs of leaking/streaking toner. Your toner cartridge will need to be repaired or replaced if it is leaking or has leaked within the machine. Let’s look at why it’s spilling solution in the first place. Recovery Blade May Be Damaged Recovery blades are little plastic blades that direct toner residue onto rollers. If the recovery blade is damaged, your printouts will have random dots all over them. The process is known as ‘flicking toner.’ When a recovery blade is damaged, toner continues to build up on top of it. Excess toner builds up over time, making it appear as if the toner cartridge is leaking. To resolve the problem, you must have the recovery blade replaced or repaired. Your Drum Unit Could Be the Culprit A damaged drum unit might cause toner leaking inside the printer or vertical streaks on prints. It’s also possible that the drum unit in your laser printer has reached the end of its usable life. You’ll need to acquire the appropriate replacement […] Read More

Inkjet Vs. Laser Printers Which To Choose?

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Inkjet Vs. Laser Printers Which To Choose? Many customers have asked whether they should acquire an inkjet printer or a laser printer. There are so many aspects to consider that it’s impossible not to discuss each one to assist you in making your decision. In this article, we’ll go through each factor of the debate. Printer vs Cartridge Cost A laser printer’s biggest flaw may appear to be its initial expense. After all, inkjet printers have a far lower initial cost, with modern versions starting at $29.99, whereas laser printers are significantly more expensive, with the most economical variants costing roughly $59.99, still twice as much as the cheapest inkjet. Similar to how inkjet and laser printers differ in price, laser and inkjet printer cartridge prices differ significantly, and for good reason. Because laser printer cartridges, also known as toner cartridges, are able to produce a lot more pages than inkjet cartridges, they are more expensive. Page Yield Toner cartridges have a much higher turnout of pages than ink cartridges, which means they are much more durable than their ink-based counterparts. Most ink cartridges have a volume of ink that may print anywhere from 135 to 1000 pages. Page yields […] Read More

How To Properly Store Ink Cartridges When Not In Use

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How To Properly Store Ink Cartridges When Not In Use Ink cartridges are one of the most commonly used consumables. But, do you have to replace your office’s ink cartridges on a regular basis? Regardless of the cause, whether it’s ink drying out or cartridge breakage, replacing your ink cartridges on a regular basis can add up quickly. It might be really aggravating to discover that the ink cartridges you purchased some time ago are no longer functional since they were not properly preserved when not in use. Follow these simple procedures to easily store ink cartridges and ensure their long life. Keeping Ink Cartridges in Dark Places Is Beneficial Direct sunshine and some artificial light sources can destroy ink and impair its quality, which is visible during printing. Cartridges’ life and durability will be extended if they are stored in a cool, dimly light environment.  A Cool and Dry Place Is the Best Place to Store! After you’ve successfully sealed the cartridges, you’ll need to locate a dry, cool place to keep them. This is to prevent them from coming into direct contact with sunlight, which can induce boiling and foaming in the ink. Ink that expands and contracts […] Read More

Why Your Printer Is Slow & What To Do About It

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Why Your Printer Is Slow & What To Do About It Printers are indispensable equipment in both your office and your home. Even though it has been around for decades, it has evolved considerably in recent years to bring you convenience, enhanced printing quality, brighter colors, and improved printing speed. Despite it being easy to operate, it is still a piece of complex equipment that requires regular maintenance and troubleshooting. One of the most common problems faced is when your printer is slow, which can bring users frustration if you do not know how to fix it. Here, we present to your some common causes of slow printers and what you can do at home to resolve them. Low or Old Toners Laser printers rely on toners. It is highly sought after as it prints at faster speeds. When your printer is low on toner, printing speed is compromised. It takes more time to process the printing information as it needs to compensate for the lack of ink by increasing the blank spaces between each page. This also compromises your printing quality as it leaves you with some discolored, blank, or streaky prints. If your toner is old, your printer […] Read More